CargoLogger by ProtecCargo

a Service from ProtecCargo

The combined solution for
tracking and cargo monitoring

With the CargoLogger is a combined solution to be developed to the
to document current location of the cargo and the transport quality.

Depending on the cargo, the CargoLogger module can be attached directly to the load or it is already in the transport container such as incorporated an overseas container.
The determination of location is on best GPS technology - GPS tracking - and can be accessed currently in demand. In parallel, the GPS data will be saved for documentation in the memory chip. To detect possible errors in the load securing or excessive use of packaging by collisions, the CargoLogger module with shock sensors as new humidity sensors and temperature sensors. The system is supplemented by monitoring the charge still in development CargoLogger software.
For the delivery of parcels a simplified version of the CargoLogger is planned for shipment tracking. This is limited to store the hardness of the shocks during transport, the temperatures occurring and a possible ingress of moisture on the integrated memory card. Damage in transit in retrospect, time and place of causation be proven

The Cargo logger will continue in direct sales of BX-Direct Shop
be available - for products for load securing - ProtecCargo !